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Aero Sharp Inverter Gold Coast

aero Sharp inverter Gold CoastAs expected many solar companies have failed since the peak of the industry in June 2013. We are starting to see a number of inverter failures on the Gold Coast and are finding that the company producing the inverter has disappeared (together with the company that sold it!).

Aero Sharp is one such company. We suspect that the design of the inverter with the heat sink on the top was the undoing of the business. We have seen a number of Aero Sharp inverters that a full of water due to a failure of the seal on the top of the equipment housing.

If you are having problems with an Aero Sharp inverter then there is little that you can do other than to replace it with an alternative brand. Electricians Plus recommends, sells and supports SMA, and Fronius solar inverters. They are backed by reputable companies and are among the highest performing inverters on the market.

If you are getting solar feed-in tariffs then you are required to replace your inverter with a similarly sized unit.
We will advise you on the best course of action.

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