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Buying the right Solar Energy System

Gold Coast Solar Systems


The Right Solar System for You

Solar energy systems must be designed to ensure that issues such as shade, alignment of the panel to north, dirt and a number of other 'limiting' factors are taken into account.

What solar system is right for you?

To calculate the system that is right for you one of our accredited solar electricians will:

  • look over your current power bill and asses how much you are currently using and spending on electricity per quarter.
  • look at the number of people that live in your home and take note of any high power consumption devices you use; such as washers/dryers, sound systems, pool equipment, tv, fridges etc.
  • assess power usage.
  • check to ensure that your existing switchboard is capable of supporting a solar energy system.

Optimising your solar power system

Each home is different. We measure your roof to ensure that most effective roof space is utilized. We use state of the art technology and software that can accurately evaluate the efficiency of a solar system at site inspection stage by assessing the effect of shading elements from nearby houses or trees to strategically position in the optimum solar position for you.

With all of this information in hand we will then provide you with a full report together with our quotation for the installation of a solar energy system.

How to choose a Solar Energy Installer