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CClipsal C-Bus Gold Coast Electricians Plus-Bus Repairs, Programming and Maintenance

Having trouble with your Clipsal C-Bus lighting system? Some common issues are:

  • Lights do not come on when you press the switch
  • Indicator LED on switch flashes when pressed
  • Lights come on (or turn off) without pressing of any switch
  • Clipsal Colour-Touch Screen does not work
  • Blinds or curtains not operating

Electricians Plus has been installing, servicing, programming and repairing C-Bus systems on the Gold Coast since C-Bus came onto the market in 1999. We repair all C-Bus equipment including Colour-Touch Screens*. We supply new C-Bus switches and control modules at very competitive prices.

We carry a number of emergency spares to (in most cases) get you up and running again. As a C-Bus Integration Specialist we can also arrange an expedited pick at the Brisbane Distribution Centre if necessary. If your lights are not working we can get you back on line in quick time.

If you are having problems with your C-Bus system then call Electricians Plus now on 55222222 or log a service call here

*as at 1st of June 2017 C-Bus Colour-Touch Screens are 'end of life'. Some repairs are still possible but if your screen has a major defect you cannot replace it with a new 'like for like' part. Clipsal has a range of replacement options in this instance.