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C-Bus Gold Coast

What is C-Bus?


C-Bus is a management system for controlling electrical items in your home. C-Bus can control lighting (on-off or dimming), Ceiling Fans, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Garage doors, Audio and TV systems, in fact if it is run by electricity the C-Bus can control it.

At our place C-Bus Controls the lighting, pool pump, garage doors, security, air conditioner on/off, air conditioning zones and curtains. C-Bus also provides indoor and outdoor temperature readouts and water tank levels. We are looking to automate the changeover between council and tank water but that will have to wait until my wife digs the trench..

C-Bus is pretty bombproof. We have had C-Bus in our home since 1999. in that time at least two lighting strikes have killed some of our electronics but the C-Bus kept working. Pretty Impressive!

From a purely aesthetic perspective C-Bus can enhance your home beautifully crafted switches and touchscreens add a bit of creative fair.

They are a talking point in themselves.

C-Bus will integrate with third party applications such as RTI which gives you control of your home on an iPad, iPhone or any Android device. There are some screenshots from my iPad at the bottom of this screen.

If you are looking for that special something for your new home then take a look at C-Bus. I can assure you that you will be impressed.


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C-Bus Design Installation Programming Gold CoastC-Bus and RTI Integration

At our place we have integrated C-Bus with a third party application allowing us to control the whole show from an iPad. It works whether we are at home or away on holidays. Handy if you forgot to turn off the lights or you want to turn the Air Conditioner on before you get home. Our next task is to access the C-Bus from my Android phone.