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C-Bus Multi Room Audio

Multi Room Audio Gold CoastMulti-Room Audio

What is Multi-Room Audio I hear you ask. Well at our place we have speakers in  the master bedroom, courtyard, back verandah, kitchen, media room and lounge room. We can play a common source such as radio to any or all zones independently of each other. Our audio sources are Radio, Spotify, CD, TV, DVD and our Media Library (where we have stored our CD and DVD collection electronically), or we can listen to Spotify in one room whist listening to a CD in another. the combinations are endless.

The Clipsal C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System provides high quality, distributed, multi-zone audio in your home. This flexible system allows different audio sources to be selected in different rooms (or zones).


Multi Room Audio Gold CoastThe system is C-Bus Enabled, and can therefore be controlled by C-Bus wall switches, touch screens, remote controls such as an iPad, iPhone or any Android device or any other C-Bus input devices. It can be used as a stand-alone multi-room audio system, or can be used in conjunction with C-Bus relays, dimmers and other C-Bus devices to provide an integrated automation solution.

Electricians Plus can help you design and implement a Multi-Room Audio system in your home to suit your lifestyle and budget. Give us a call today on 55222222.


Please note: The C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System is used in conjunction with third party audio source equipment. Audio source equipment is not included in the Clipsal range.


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