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C-Bus Random operation of Lights

C-Bus Lights Coming On By Themselves

C-Bus Faults random Light OperationAre your lights coming on my themselves? Over recent months we have seen a number of C-Bus systems where lights are coming on randomly without operation of a switch. The light can be anywhere in the property and different lights operate at different times. There is no pattern and lights and times are quite random.

This issue is most commonly caused by a failing capacitor in one of the module on-board power supplies and can be time consuming to fix. One or more modules can be affected.

Electricians Plus is a Schneider C-Bus approved PointOne Integrator with more than 25 years experience with Clipsal C-Bus Systems. We have the experience and the tools to repair and/or replace any faulty modules causing this and all other C-Bus faults. If you are experiencing random operation of your C-Bus Lights then call Electricians Plus today on 0755222222.