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C-Bus Automation Repairs Gold Coast

CClipsal C-Bus Gold Coast Electricians Plus-Bus Design, Installation, Repairs, Programming and Maintenance

Clipsal C-Bus is a great product. It can save you time and money, it can look after your home when you are away. It can allow you to activate air conditioning remotely on those very hot days so that you arrive home to a comfortable environment. It can, in very rare instances, break down.

Electricians Plus has been installing, servicing, programming and repairing C-Bus systems on the Gold Coast since C-Bus came onto the market in 1999. In Fact Marty was on the very first C-Bus training course held in Queensland.

We carry a number of emergency spares to (in most cases) get you up and running again in quick time.

If you are having problems with your Gold Coast based C-Bus system then call Electricians Plus now on 55222222.

C-Bus Repairs Gold Coast