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Ceiling Fans

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If you are looking for an electrician on the Gold Coast to install ceiling fans then go no further.

Electricians Plus can supply and install ceiling sweep fans or install ceiling fans purchased and supplied by you.


Ceiling fan common problems For many years we have been making service calls to homeowners and businesses to repair ceiling fans. There are a couple of basic things you should check before giving us a call.

  • Noisy Fans: If the fan in question has a light fitting on it, check that the lamp and the glass cover are secure. I would like a dollar for every two minute service call where I have screwed in the lamp and the problem has gone away. Personally I don't like ceiling fans with integral light fittings. in most "noisy fan" problems it it the light that is causing the problem (especially in cheaper units). Consider installing a light fitting separate to the ceiling fan.  Don't forget that the light fitting needs to be a reasonable distance from the fan otherwise you will get "strobbing" where the fan blades are crossing the light path. Another source of noise is the gallery and top motor cover. these metal covers are secured with a small grub screw. Tighten the grub screw to fix this issue.

  • Out of Balance Fans: Another common ceiling fan problem is the "out of balance" fan. The most common cause for, this in my experience, is the kids. If you have a fan that is wobbling all over the place, then turn off the fan, with a tape, measure the distance between each blade tip and the ceiling (do this from the same point on the ceiling) if you find that there is a difference in the measurements then carefully bend the offending blade to suit. If you have timber blades, don't try to bend from the tip, you will break the blade.

The False Economy? Purchasing your ceiling fans from large hardware stores and the like may save you money in the first instance but be aware that if you provide the fans and they are subsequently found to be faulty then you will be responsible for the cost of removal, transport back to the retailer or manufacturer and re-installation of the repaired/replacement item. Check to ensure that any fan you purchase in this way has on-site warranty.


Electricians Plus can source most brands of fans and provide warranty in accordance with the manufacturers warranty.


If you are looking for a Gold Coast Electrician who will Turn Up On Time, carry out the installation of your ceiling fan in an economical manner and clean up after themselves then call us on 55222222 or email us here now!


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