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Well this was bound to happen. There was an expectation that the "sales Model" solar companies would shut shop when the generous feed-in tariffs where concluded in July 2013, After all these were pretty much the same salesmen that had been around for the Phone Systems, Water Tanks, Insulation bonanza's of the past 10 years. There was also an expectation that installers specializing in solar would be the next cab off the rank (in liquidation terms). There is an ever growing list of solar companies that have not made the transition to "real world" businesses. Carbon Management Solutions Pty Ltd is one such casualty.

Do you own a CMS inverter? Is it playing up?
Then the news unfortunately is not good. Carbon Management Solutions Pty Ltd appointed administrators in July 2013. For all intents and purposes this means that you are now on your own where it comes to support for your CMS Inverter. If you call CMS they will still answer the phone. Unfortunately the NEW CMS - Carbon Management Solutions Group Pty Ltd is a different entity and they will tell you that they are not supporting or providing warranty for the old companies products.

So what do you do?
As much as I hate to say this, your best option (after getting Electricians Plus to have a look at your inverter) is to replace the faulty inverter. There are a number of reputable Inverter manufacturers with long pedigrees but to keep our house in order we have concentrated on three.

Fronius is a German based company. Fronius has been around since 1945. They started out manufacturing arc welders and battery chargers. it was a no-brainer that the company would manufacture solar inverters. Fronius Manufacture a range of high performance top quality inverters that are backed by a long established international company.

SMA has a worldwide staff of over 5000. Their 2013 turnover was in excess of 1.5 Billion Euro. As with Schnieder and Fronius they are based in Germany. Personally I prefer SMA as they are easy to install and when I have had hiccups in the past they have been resolved in lightning time. Just what you would expect from a large international company. SMA also has a great Blue Tooth conection that allows you to monitor your inverter output from your Blue Tooth enabled device.

So all is not lost. In most cases of inverter failure the panels are still perfectly fine. in most cases its a simple matter of unbolting your old inverter and installing the new one. you will be back on line in no time.

Solar Feed-In issues
So you have decided to replace your old inverter with a new one. If you have an agreement with Energex (especially if it is the generous 44c per KWatt/hr) then you must abide by the terms of the agreement. You cannot increase the size of your inverter beyond the original agreement. So if you have a 5KW agrement then your inverter MUST be 5KW or less.

Want more Help

Just give us a call on 55222222 or email us here and we will arrange to look at your old inverter, give you the options then back up with exceptional customer service just like we have done since 1988.