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Electrical Safety Inspections Gold Coast

Gold Coast Electrical Safety Inspections
gold coast electrical safety inspections

We get asked constantly to carry out electrical safety inspections on homes and businesses throughout the Gold Coast. An electrical safety inspection consists of a thorough check of all electrical equipment in the premises. We start at the point of attachment on the property, check the main switchboard and any sub-boards and do a visual inspection of all accessible wiring.

If you have had foil insulation installed in your property as part of the federal governments 'Home Insulation" project we also conduct a full test of the foil checking to ensure that it is safe. My advice is that IF you have foil insulation, NEVER enter the roof space unless the power is isolated at the main switchboard. I have seen too many rat chewed cables in these locations.

We also test permanently connected electrical equipment such as pool and spa equipment and biocycle and grey water pumps as these items are more susceptible to damage from the effects of weather
and the like.

We provide a full report at the completion of the inspection together with any recommendations.

If you would like us to conduct an Electrical Safety Inspection on your home or office premises the just give us a call on 55222222 or
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