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Getting a Solar Energy Quote

Quoting & Install Your Solar Power System

Once we've assessed your requirements, we will give you a detailed quote that includes information on all discounts you are entitled to as well as all equipment and installations costs, to comply with all relevant Australian standards are met.  Everything is reported and quoted up front.

How to choose a Solar Energy Installer

Paperwork Coordination

For your solar to be approved by Energex (or equivalent) a grid connect application will be submitted on your behalf. You will then receive an agreement in the mail that requires your signature. Once this agreement is signed and returned, you will then be ready to install a solar system.

Booking your solar installation

Once the paperwork is in order, we will call you to arrange a convenient time to install your system.

What’s involved with the solar installation?

  • Roof rail system is installed
  • Solar panels are laid onto these rails and are secured
  • Solar DC cables are run to the Inverter which for longevity should be in a protected location.
  • AC cables are run to the switchboard and connected
  • Labeling is installed as per regulations
  • System is tested and isolated awaiting Energex