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Maintaining your Solar Energy System

Once installed your solar energy system is pretty much maintenance free. Having said that dust and dirt will accumulate on your solar panels over time. This buildup should be removed otherwise your solar energy system performance will degrade.

10 point Solar Energy System maintenance check

Electricians Plus provides a clean and test service for all solar systems regardless of installer.

Our 10 point check consists of the following:

  • Wash down the solar panels
  • Check for tile cracks and general physical security of rails and panels
  • Check the connection of each and every panel
  • Ensure each panel output is within specification
  • Check the connections and general state of each roof mounted "no Load Breaker" (isolator switch) and the roof penetration seal
  • Check the Solar DC Cabling for signs of deterioration and make recommendations to place this cable in a rigid conduit where the system was installed before December 2012
  • Check the inverter and where possible document the performance of the system
  • Check the AC Cabling to the switchboard
  • Check labeling is in accordance with the current regulations
  • Provide a report on the system

Where we find issues or problems we will make repairs if requested by you.

For information relating to solar energy system maintenance call us today on 55222222Solar Panel Cleaning - Electricians Plus Gold Coast Solar