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Electricians Plus - Gold Coast ElectriciansElectricians Plus supply and install power points. We have access to every type of common power point but we carry Clipsal 2000 and C2000 (as in Pictures) in our service vehicles. If you are looking for a different Clipsal range or brand such as HPM or PDL then call us to check on availability. Some of the types from the 70's and 80's are no longer available. Recently we have found an interesting problem in new Gold Coast homes. Electricians have been using cheap imported brands (NQE is one example) during the building process. It is almost impossible to match these items when adding new switches or power points. If you are building a house demand that the electrician use a reputable brand such as Clipsal as you will always be able to match the plates in future.

Power points can be installed just about anywhere but external cavity walls are by far the easiest locations. Internal cavity walls are more difficult because of a horizontal timber called a noggin that is normally half way up the wall. We will normally cut around the noggin and patch leaving you to paint over the patch in your own time.

To give you a bit of an idea of price, A back to back power point (where there is a power point on the other side of the wall) can be done for about $100.00 inc GST. 


If you need an extra power point installed on the Gold Coast then call us now on 5522 2222 or email Electricians Plus now.