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Property Poles

Do you have power poles on your property?

Property pole repair and replacement gold coast

A property pole is a pole either timber or metal within your property's boundary that supports the powerlines to your home or other buildings on your property. These poles were initially installed on behalf of the home or property owner.

Who owns these poles and who is responsible for them?

Property poles can exist on both residential and business properties. The poles and the cabling between these poles and buildings are generally owned by the home or property owner. Ongoing maintenance and repairs are your responsibility. If a pole has a number on it then it is owned and maintained by ENERGEX.

Maintenance on your property poles

For safety reasons and to help ensure reliability of electricity supply, it is important to regularly check and maintain property poles. This is generally your responsibility. Over time, the base of the pole can deteriorate through decay, termite damage or rust. If this occurs, the pole may weaken, lean or fall over, and potentially cause injury to people or damage to surrounding property. A fallen pole may also bring down the powerline supplying electricity to your home. This is not only dangerous, as fallen powerlines can kill, but will also interrupt the electricity supply to your home until the pole can be replaced by an electrical contractor.

Electrical contractor Gold CoastWhat to look for?
  • Regularly inspect around the base of the pole to make sure there is no decay, sign of termites, rust or other damage.
  • If your pole has a cross arm (a structure attached near the top of the pole that supports the powerline), look at it from the ground and check that it appears to be in good condition.
  • If you suspect the pole has rust or decay at its base, or are concerned about the cross arm or the general condition and/or safety of the pole, contact an electrical contractor and have them check the pole and repair it if necessary. Do not rely on your judgement as to the safety of the pole.
  • In addition to the above, have the pole inspected by an electrical contractor at least every five years.

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