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What does RTI Control?

Control Home Theatre, Smart TV's, Lighting, Climate, Access Control, closed circuit TV cameras the list is endless. RTI and Electricians Plus simplifies your life.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie is a breeze. Press a single button on your iPad (or any other tablet or smartphone) to start the projector, power up the DVD and amplifier, close the blinds and dim the lights. Unfortunately you still need to insert the disk into the DVD but there is an answer to that issue too.

Home or Office

RTI controls makes using today's technology simple with a complete line of award-winning home and office control solutions.  RTI provides a simple, unified interface for today's home and office control demands.

Classic type Remote, Smartphone or Tablet

With RTI, you can have a variety of user interface throughout your home.  Wall mount touch screens, desk or coffee table mount panels, as well as the more traditional remote control.  The beauty of RTI is that all the interfaces talk to a central processor, interfacing a lighting control system such as C-Bus or Dynalight, Climate Control, home theatre, Audio Visual equipment , and much more.

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At Electricians Plus our Home Automation specialists will design a system specifically for you and your home environment be it a single room or a whole home solution. Talk to us today on 55222222. Electricians Plus and RTI Controls your Gold Coast Home Automation Specialists.


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