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Safety Switches

Safety Switches save lives.

Gold Coast Electricians Safety SwitchesThere are a couple of important considerations with Safety Switches. The first is that it MUST be tested regularly. There is a test button on the front of the device. Simply press it to perform a test. If it doesn't trip then you need to have it inspected and possibly replaced immediately.

The cost to replace an existing safety switch should be the cost of the part plus about half an hour of labour. Not much when you think of the alternative!

Safety Switches work by interrupting the power supply when the device senses a leakage of electricity of more than 30mA. Not enough to kill somebody but it will certainly still give a "boot". All homes these days are required to have a safety switch installed by regulation. If you have lived in your home for many years and have never had electrical work done you may find that your home does not have one fitted. Check today.

If you don't have a Safety Switch Electricians Plus your Gold Coast Electrician can install one in a heartbeat (perhaps yours).

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