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Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer
by Electricians Plus on 

Electricians Plus is now a fully certified Tesla Powerwall Installer. If you are thinking about installing solar batteries then gice us a call today on 55222222.

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Solar Woes
by Electricians Plus on 
I am constantly amazed at the number of solar companies that have gone into liquidation over the past couple of years. I found this incomplete list on Whirlpool last night:

6Solar Oct-12
A Grade Solar Solutions Pty Ltd 1/05/2013 In Liquidation
AAA Solar Pty Ltd Feb-13
Aero Sharp Australia Pty Ltd Oct-12
Aeronergy Solar Pty Ltd 24/04/2013 In Liquidation
Agnew Electrics Apr-13
Air Solar
Air-Solar Australia Pty Ltd 13/12/2012 In Liquidation
All Solar Shop WA Oct-12
Alternative Energy Solutions Pty Ltd Nov-12
Ark Energy P/L
Aspire Solar Pty Ltd 2/07/2013 Subject To A Deed Of Company Arrangement
Aussie Solar Installations Pty Ltd 4/07/2013 In Liquidation
Aussie Solar Pty Ltd 16/10/2012 In Liquidation
Ausstar Commodity & Marketing Pty Limited 11/06/2013 In Liquidation
Australasian Solar Energy Pty Ltd Dec-12
Australia Onesolar Aug-12
Australia Solar Energy Aug-12
Australian Insulation And Solar Oct-12
Australian Solar & Water Solutions Oct-11
Australian Solar Buying Group Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) 16/01/2013 In Liquidation
Australian Solar Electrics Oct-12
Australian Solar Electrics Pty Ltd 23/11/2012 In Liquidation
Australian Solar Network Oct-12
Australia's Most Wanted Solar Mar-12
Autumn Solar Installations
Bamboo & Solar Direct
Banksia Solar Pty Ltd Dec-12
Beat Bad Energy Apr-13
Bendigo Solar Shop Oct-12
Besmart Australia Trading As True Value Solar Cairns Aug-12
Best Solar Pty Ltd 24/04/2013 In Liquidation
Beyond Building Energy (March 2012) Mar-12
Bi-Rite Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd 30/05/2013 In Liquidation
Blue Himmel Solar Pty Ltd Oct-12
Blue Sun Energy Pty Ltd Apr-13
Budget Solar Systems Pty Ltd Feb-13
Cash Carbon Sep-11
Central Queensland Solar and Insulation Aug-12
Company Date of Action/liquidation Other Info
Clean Energy Enterprises Pty Ltd Oct-12
Cleaner Energy
Clear Solar
Coastal Solar Solutions P/L 24/01/2013 In Liquidation
Community Solar Power Parks Australia Pty Ltd Nov-12
Cool Or Cosy Intelligent Solar Oct-12
CS001 PTY LTD 20/03/2013 In Liquidation
D C F X Solar Systems Pty Ltd 30/11/2012 In Liquidation
DIY Home Solar Pty. Ltd. 21/07/2013 In Liquidation
Do My Solar Pty Limited 9/05/2013 In Liquidation
Do My Solar Vic Pty Ltd Feb-13
Earth Wise Energy Aug-12
Eco Energy Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Apr-13
Ecoassist Oct-11
Ecotek Energy Solutions Dec-12
Elecitrcal and Solar Solutions Jun-12
Elite Solar Pty Ltd 11/06/2013 Winding Up Order
Emissionless Energy Pty. Ltd Dec-12
Energy Eco Australia Pty Ltd Aug-12
Energy Eco Korumburra Pty Ltd Aug-12
Energy From Sky Pty Ltd Nov-12
Envirocare And Savers Sep-11
Enviroenergy Dec-12
Envirofreindly Products
Enviromate Pty Ltd Dec-12
Environmental Solar Pty Ltd 27/07/2012 Winding Up Order
Environmnetal Solar Solutions Aug-12
EP Solar Pty Ltd 17/04/2013 In Liquidation
Five Star Solar Jun-12
Flurosolar Aug-12
Free Energy Apr-13
Freetricity Jul-13
Future Wealth Solutions Pty Limited 11/04/2013 In Liquidation
Genco Australia Pty Ltd Sep-12
Global Solar Solution Oct-12
Green Energy Company Pty Ltd Nov-12
Green Solar Advisors Oct-12
Green Solar Solutions Pty Ltd Mar-12
Green Solutions Victoria Oct-12
Company Date of Action Other Info
Green Spark Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd 17/07/2013 In Liquidation
Green Tiger Energy Aug-12
Greenerenergy Aug-12
GT Energy Technologies Jan-13
GT Solar Oct-12
Hollywood Corporation 2 Pty Limited 8/04/2013 In Liquidation
HTS SOLAR PTY LTD 29/04/2013 In Liquidation
Hybrid Solar Aug-12
Illumilite Pty. Ltd. 14/03/2013 In Liquidation
Impressive Solar & Lighting Pty Ltd Dec-12
Inspire Solar (Greenhouse Express)
Intelligent Solar Technology Apr-12
Ismart Energy Aug-12
Jamies 12V Shop Oct-12
Kings Of Green Solar Pty Ltd Dec-12
Kleenergy Pty Ltd Aug-12
Lizard Solar Pty Ltd Feb-13
Metalcraft Machinery Pty Ltd 22/01/2013 In Liquidation
Metalcraft Solar & Insulation Pty Ltd 22/01/2013 In Liquidation
Miami Engineering Pty Ltd 22/01/2013 In Liquidation
Mobile Solar Pty. Ltd Nov-12
National Solar Solutions Aug-12
NECO Feb-12
NEPV SOLAR PTY LTD 6/11/2012 In Liquidation
New South Solar Aug-12
NSW Solar Installations Pty Ltd Dec-12
NT Solar Australia Aug-12
Oetec Pty Ltd 23/11/2012 In Liquidation
Operation Solar Australia Pty Limited 8/04/2013 In Liquidation
Operation Solar Pty Ltd 11/07/2013 Winding Up Order
Oz Solarpower Aug-12
Ozwater Oct-11
Ozy Solar Aug-12
Pacific Heating And Solar Pty Ltd 20/11/2012 In Liquidation
PAK Solar Pty Ltd Dec-12
Paradise Avenue Investments Pty Ltd 22/01/2013 In Liquidation
Paradise Avenue Properties Pty Ltd 22/01/2013 In Liquidation
Paramount Solar Oct-12
Perpetual Solar Aug-12
Planet Shares P/L In Noosa
Company Date Of Action Other Info
Platinum Solar Australia Pty Ltd 19/04/2013 In Liquidation
Platinum Solar CC Pty Ltd 4/03/2013 Winding Up Order
Pod Solar Solutions Aug-12
Premier Solar (Queensland) Pty Ltd 22/03/2013 In Liquidation
Premier Solar (SA) Pty Ltd 12/11/2012 In Liquidation
Premier Solar (Vic) Pty Ltd Oct-12
Premier Solar Australia Pty Ltd 23/11/2012 In Liquidation
Premier Solar Group Pty Ltd 17/10/2012 In Liquidation
Premier Solar Logistics Pty Ltd Oct-12
Premier Solar Projects Pty Ltd 11/02/2013 Winding Up Order
Premier Solar Shop Oct-12
Premium Solar Systems Oct-12
Pure Solar Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) 6/06/2013 In Liquidation
Pure Solar Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) 16/11/2012 In Liquidation
Queensland Solar Maintenance Oct-12
RDE Pty Ltd Mar-12
Renewable Energy Holdings Aug-12
Renewable Energy Technologies Pty Ltd Apr-13
Right Solar Pty Ltd Feb-13
Rock Solar Pty Ltd 30/11/2012 Winding Up Order
Simply Solar Sep-12
Sivicorp Solar Oct-12
Smart Power Technologies Mar-11
Solacore Apr-13
Solagex Australia Pty Ltd Oct-12
Solar 1 Pty Ltd 25/10/2012 In Liquidation
Solar 3000 Pty Ltd Dec-12
Solar Action Pty Ltd 25/09/2012 In Liquidation
Solar Array Pty Ltd Feb-13
Solar Art Aug-12
Solar Captain Pty Ltd Mar-13
Solar Connect Australia Pty Ltd Sep-12
Solar Corporation Apr-13
Solar Corporation Of Australia Pty Ltd 1/05/2013 Winding Up Order
Solar Energy NSW Pty Ltd 11/03/2013 Winding Up Order
Solar Free Pty Ltd 2/10/2012 Winding Up Order
Solar Hot Water Saver Pty Ltd 31/07/2012 Winding Up Order
Solar Installers Oct-12
Solar Institute Aug-12
Solar Mega Mart Jan-13
Solar One Pty Ltd Oct-12
Solar One Stop Oct-12
Solar Powered Products Oct-12
Solar Rangers Aug-12
Solar Renewable Corporation Oct-12
Solar SA Pty Ltd 2/05/2013 In Liquidation
Solar Set Pty Limited 12/07/2013 In Liquidation
Solar Shop Australia Management Oct-12
Solar Shop Constructions Oct-12
Solar Sppin Pty Ltd Nov-12
Solar Supplies & Logistics Pty Ltd 17/10/2012 In Liquidation
Solar Synergy Oct-12
Solar Village Pty Ltd 2/10/2012 Winding Up Order
Solar Water Wind Pty Ltd 29/04/2013 Winding Up Order
Solarassist Oct-11
Solarbroker Australia Pty Ltd 8/02/2013 In Liquidation
Solarcare Nov-12
Solarco Albury Oct-12
Solarco Wagga Oct-12
Solardesigns Oct-12
Solareco Pty Ltd 13/11/2012 Winding Up Order
Solarfree Oct-12
Solargen (Australia) Pty Ltd 8/04/2013 Winding Up Order
Solargen Pty Ltd 2/08/2012 In Liquidation
Solargen SA Oct-12
Solari Engineering (Properties) Pty Limited 19/07/2012 In Liquidation
Solarplus Investments Aug-12
Solarsave (Nsw) Pty Limited 12/07/2013 In Liquidation
Solarsave (Qld) Pty Limited 12/07/2013 In Liquidation
Solarsave Pty Limited 27/11/2012 In Liquidation
Solarsmith Aug-12
Solartec Industries Aug-12
Solartech Energy Aug-12
Solarya Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) 24/05/2013 In Liquidation
Solenergy Pty Ltd Aug-12
Spectrum Solar Mar/ 12
Star 8 Solar Green Commercial Pty. Ltd. 19/10/2012 Winding Up Order
Stuart Renewable Energy Aug-12
Stylemaster Solar Aug-12
Sun Connect Feb-13
Sunrise Solar Installers Pty Ltd 9/04/2013 In Liquidation
Sunsavers 2011
Company Date Of Action Other Info
Sunseeker Energy Australia Aug-12
Sydney Solar Eco Solutions Oct-12
Tech Energy Corp Pty Ltd May-13
Territory Solar Clean Pty Ltd Feb-13
The Solar Company Feb-13
The Solarshop NSW Oct-12
The Solarshop QLD Oct-12
The Solarshop SA Oct-12
The Solarshop VIC Oct-12
The Wood Stove And Solar Shop Oct-12
Top End Solar Aug-12
True Solar Pty Limited 11/06/2013 In Liquidation
Unleash Solar Pty Ltd 15/04/2013 In Liquidation
Upton Ecoforlife Solar Trackers Pty Ltd Feb-13
Urban Solar (Aust) Pty. Ltd. 17/07/2013 In Liquidation
Vicon Solar Pty Ltd Mar/ 12
V-Solar Pty Ltd 26/02/2013 In Liquidation
WA Solar Sales And Service Aug-12
Wellbeingreen Sep-11
Your Solar Pty Ltd Aug-12

If the company that sold you your Solar System has gone bust then Electricians Plus can assist you. In some instances there is no choice but to replace components that have failed (Sunny Roo, CMS and Aero Sharpe come to mind) but in many cases its a simple matter of a quick repair. Give us a call on 55229911 if you need help.

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by Electricians Plus on 

"I would just like to say that I’m very pleased to have engaged Electricians Plus who are a pleasure to deal with, from the ever helpful Averil who took my initial call to Martin who did the ceiling fan installation in a professional manner.


Not only were the electrical side of things addressed, but also the necessary construction to anchor the fans and the ceiling repair work. Another satisfied customer who will not hesitate to recommend Electricians Plus!"


P. Willmore, Surfers Paradise.

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Is your Sparky Licensed
by Electricians Plus on 

One of our customers at Coomera had some work done a little while ago. He found the electrician in the Sun newspaper. The photo below is of a weatherproof power point that this 'electrician' installed. If you take a close look you will note that there are no screw holes in the backing box. That's because he had glued the box to the wall. This supposed 'electrician' also bought his cable from Masters (the cable is subject to a recall) which makes me wonder if he was an electrician in the first place. You have the right to ask to see your electricians license. If you're not sure ASK!
One of our customers at Coomera had some work done a little while ago. He found the electrician in the Sun newspaper. The photo below is of a weatherproof power point that this 'electrician' installed. If you take a close look you will note that there are no screw holea in the backing box. Thats because he had glued the box to the wall. This supposed 'electrician' also bought his cable from Masters (the cable is subject to a recall) which makes me wonder if he was an electrician in the first place. You have the right to ask to see your electricians license. If you're not sure ASK

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Maybe this little Guy will be a Sparky
by Electricians Plus on 

'I would like to say thank you to yourself and Martin. Today I had two fans installed and could not be happier with the result.

Martin was friendly, efficient and even patient with my little boy who was wanting to know everything that was happening next.

When the job got a little tricky it was no problem he got it done and I will definitely be using Electricians Plus next time we require an electrician.'

Trish Farrow Merrimac

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Another Happy Customer
by Electricians Plus on 

Martin from Electricians Plus arrived on time & with professional excellence Installed 3x4 way power points, patched phone socket to telephone line & installed 1 double power point. It was a very pleasant experience at a very        reasonable price. I would highly recommend Martin for any electrical & telephone work.

Stuart Robinson

Surfers Paradise

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Fuse box fire
by Electricians Plus on 

Do you own a home with old Fuses? Take a look at these pictures from yesterday. The tenant had reported a light in the back of the fuse box. It wasn't a light it was a fire! This fire occurred because the fuse connection, over time, had become loose. This causes high resistance in the joint which heats up and catches fire. If you have fuses in your home and your power or lights are intermittent get them checked by a qualified electrician. It may just save your life.

Electricians Plus will do a full audit on gold coast based fuse boxes for $88. Call us today on 55229911

Fuse holder burnt

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Ceiling Access Safety
by Electricians Plus on 
Turn off the power before entering ceiling spaces

Homeowners are urged to minimise electrical safety risks before they enter ceiling spaces. Live electrical cables and confined spaces can be extremely hazardous if basic precautions are not taken.

Before entering any ceiling space, turn the power off at the main switchboard and tape or label it to stop it being inadvertently turned back on by someone else while you’re working. Remember to let someone else know that you are going in.

Turning off all the switches and circuit breakers at the main switchboard, including hot water systems and stove circuits vastly reduces the risk of receiving an electric shock. Using torches and cordless power tools avoids the need for power when you are working in the ceiling space.

Other hazards to be aware of:

  • Avoid contact with electrical cables and equipment in the ceiling space as some may still be live.
  • Solar PV systems have DC supply cables which may be live during daylight hours.
  • Damaged electrical cables or equipment will need repair by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Make sure insulation material is not covering any electrical fittings or equipment, especially down lights.
  • Other hazards may also need to be addressed, such as excessive heat, working in confined spaces, dangerous vermin, sharp objects or asbestos containing materials.

For more information on electrical safety call the Electrical Safety Infoline on 1300 650 662.

With Thanks to the Electrical Safety Office Queensland.

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Thanks for Great Service
by Melissa on 

Thank you very much for your prompt service.  Martin arrived at the allocated time and completed all electrical work efficiently.  He gave me great advice and answered all my questions in easy-to-understand terms!  I recommended Electricians Plus to my parents who also received reliable and efficient service.  I will use Electricians Plus next year for my bathroom renovation. 

Thank you

Melissa Burleigh Waters

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by Daniel Goodsir on 
We use Electricians Plus for all of our electrical repair work.

“Always on time, always efficient, and never has an issue getting the job done! Prompt service, very happy”



Daniel Goodsir

Europcar Coolangatta

Branch Manager

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