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Smoke Detectors

Most properties these days have installed smoke detectors. Electricians Plus your electrician on the Gold Coast, can supply and install smoke detectors and test and certify them at the completion of the work. We also provide a residential tenancy smoke detector certification service.

Battery or Mains Powered There are two types of smoke detector and both come in Battery Operated or Mains Powered. The Mains Powered devices may also have a backup battery. The device will emit a periodic 'beep' if the battery is getting low. A good rule is to replace your smoke detector batteries every twelve months. A national campaign runs each year to change the batteries on the 1st of April.

Photoelectric Detectors are not unlike a beam across a doorway. There is a transmitter and a receiver, if smoke particles get between them then the detector goes into alarm. Photo-Electric Smoke Alarms detect larger smoke particles, the visible products of combustion, and are most effective in the case of smouldering fires.  They are suitable for installation near kitchens or in areas containing combustion heaters or open fires. Having said that you need to be extremely careful with your placement as incorrect location will cause false alarms.

Ionization smoke detectors have a minute amount of radioactive material within a chamber. Ionization Smoke Alarms detect small diameter smoke particles, the invisible products of combustion, and are most effective in the case of flaming fires.  You should not place these types of detectors near kitchens or close to combustion heating appliances or open fires as continual false alarms will result. These detectors are being phased out as at September 2018

Testing Of Smoke Detectors Every smoke detector has a test button on the face. You should press the test button once a month to ensure that the smoke detector is working. You can test the backup battery of your mains powered detector by turning off you main switch or the appropriate circuit breaker.

Cleaning Smoke Detectors
Clean your smoke detectors at least once every six months, remove dust, lint or cobwebs from the outside of the alarm using the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle brush. Any other cleaning should be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Don't forget to test the alarm after cleaning.

Life Expectancy Smoke detectors have a recommended service life of 10 years under normal operating conditions (AS 3786) Electricians Plus strongly recommends they be replaced with a hard wired (240v) photo-electric smoke alarm.

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