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Having trouble with your solar energy system?

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We design, check, repair and expand solar systems

If you are having problems with your solar energy system Electricians Plus Solar can fix it. We repair and replace Inverters and Solar Panels. We also expand existing systems adding panels to maximise your generating capability. There are a few rules that need to be adhered to but we will advise you on this to ensure you do not lose advantageous feed in tariffs.

At Electricians Plus Solar we are constantly amazed by the standard (or lack thereof) of some solar energy installations. Given the speed that the solar scheme was rolled out, I guess this should not be a surprise. Customers tell us about solar installation companies that didn't even get onto their roof when conducting a solar survey. A fair percentage of customers complain that the finished product does not stack up to the promises made by the solar salesperson.
In one case the finished product generated less than 50% of that promised. Of course getting the salesperson back to rectify the issue is nigh on impossible. Our team of solar electricians will conduct a solar survey (from the roof) and give you a report that will accurately reflect the generating ability of your existing (or proposed) solar energy system. We use industry standard software PV Studio to generate a report that takes into account all of the factors impacting on output such as shading, dirt (yes dirty panel will significantly reduce output), cable losses, panel and inverter efficiency. We will then make recommendations on ways to modify your existing system to improve the output.

See a sample Solar Survey here

If you are concerned about your solar system or are interested in ways to improve your energy efficiency then call Electricians Plus Solar today on 55222222