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Why should I buy Solar

Whether its reducing your electricity bill or doing the right thing by the environment purchasing a solar energy system is an investment in the future. A well designed solar system can decrease your energy bill to zero and can reduce carbon emissions dramatically. All in all a good thing for you, your children and the environment.

How solar power can save you money and reduce your bills

Put simply you save money every day the sun rises. Solar energy systems make electricity every day whether is cloudy or sunny. Obviously a cloudy day will limit the generation but how many of those do we have on the Gold Coast?

  • Solar panels capture energy from the sun
  • The panels send the energy to the inverter where the energy is converted into useable electricity.
  • Your home or office uses the generated electricity while the sun is in the sky so this is free power
  • Any excess electricity is fed back into the grid where you are paid at a rate negotiated by your energy provider.

Sunshine is reliable and costs nothing. Cloudy days still produce energy, how much energy depends on the design of the system and the quality of the system you install.

How do I choose a Solar Energy Installer?